4 season sunroom

Enjoy the beauty of nature with stunning views all year long, with a gorgeous 4 season room that combines form and function in perfect harmony. Many researchers have acknowledged the benefits to health and overall mood that can be obtained with natural sunlight, and a four seasons sunroom from Crystalia Glass click here allows the entire family to get their daily dose of sunshine, no matter what the temperature is outside. Also, 4 season rooms are extremely versatile and can be used as an area to unwind and read a good book, or to entertain guests over a cup of tea or coffee. Turn your 4 season room into your personal sanctuary while you bask in the all-natural rays of pure sunlight.

A four-season room can add precious space to your current home, leaving you with more freedom to move around and enjoy life. Whether you enjoy watching the wildlife directly outside your window or taking in a gorgeous evening sunset with someone you love, you can now experience the sensation of indoor and outdoor living without ever leaving the comfort of home. Bringing the outdoors into the home has been a trend in architectural design for many years, and Crystalia Glass makes the process easy with highly customizable and durable designs. Now, you can get a unique and cost-effective solution to access the beauty of nature any time of day, with a 4 season room built to last and inspire wonder.  More Information here

Investing in a 4 season room can also add value to your home, giving you additional patio space to appreciate everything your back yard has to offer. Experience the freedom of being able to move to and fro between your yard and houses, enabling you to keep an eye on children and pets without any unnecessary hassle or fuss. You’ll expand the total square footage of your home while having a spacious and well-lit room to enjoy year in and year out. The installation process is straightforward and easy, so you can begin enjoying your new sunroom right away, along with all the new opportunities it represents.

Multiple available models involve sliding glass walls and folding door systems for automatic and easy access to fresh air and new horizons. You’ll appreciate the sleek and modern aesthetics of your new 4 season room as you take in the best that both outdoor and indoor living has to offer. Those with a swimming pool, trampoline, or any recreational feature in their backyard will love the freedom and convenience afforded them by their new four seasons sunroom. Grab your favorite telescope for sky-watching the stars at night or keep current with the weather so you’ll know exactly how to dress before going out for the night. The possibilities are truly endless, and your family and friends will be amazed and in love with new possibilities for fun and leisure that your new 4 season room presents. Spend the holidays in your four season room surrounded by the majesty of real snow, or soak up the sunshine for a tan without ever leaving your house. Take scenic pictures, enjoy meals, and spend time with your favorite pet surrounded by the sunlight and natural beauty of the outdoors with insulated, sturdy glass that is built to stand the test of time. Get your 4 season room today, and reap the benefits of more sunlight, more nature, and a lot more to appreciate.

7 fabulous ideas for a modern terrace

The terrace connects the house with nature. It offers the perfect place for relaxation and fun in a variety of designs. The line between comfort and functionality is narrow. It is often thought that practical patio solutions do not go hand in hand with the aesthetic demands of the landlord. Far from it!

With modern terraces you can hardly get past metal elements. Above all, the weather-resistant material steel provides something for the eye! Whether as a pergola, fence or railing. If the solid material is well staged, the terrace becomes an absolute eye-catcher, which is also practical!

At the same time, the processing of metal gives every terrace a modern and innovative look, which – if desired – can also be broken open by combining it with wood and green planting.

But see for yourself, because in this book of ideas we have collected seven unbeatable terraces with metal constructions.

1. Impressive with outdoor kitchen


If you have plenty of space on your terrace, you can at least afford this variant with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen under an aluminium roof.

The aluminium pergola consists of metal slats that are covered by a glass plate and thus protect against rain. Underneath there is plenty of room for a large table and another bench for guests. The complete kitchen is also made of metal. Here nobody can complain about the lack of equipment, because there is even an extractor hood!

2. Sun protection with maximum design

 Pool von grupoarquitectura

Here the metal construction is hidden in the awning, which outshines both the cosy lounge area and the dining area with the white table. Sun only partially shines through, rain also. But there is another retractable awning directly above, which completely keeps out the rain. The longish cut pool is located outside the covered area, which only makes sense. It is perfectly suited for a sporty swim.

3. Terrace with modern steel pergola

 Terrasse von Arquiplan

On this terrace the pergola immediately catches the eye. The clear forms, the steel construction attached to the house, in dark grey, appear modern and elegant. The lounge furniture in front of the house is colour-matched and invites to long evenings in the open air.

Steel is becoming increasingly popular as the material for the pergola, because the modern, industrial look is in steel and it is damn weather-resistant. The high corrosion resistance makes the material a faithful and functional companion for many years to come.

4. Elegant with steel railing

 Pool von grupoarquitectura

This roof terrace clearly needs a steel construction, because somehow you have to be secured against falling down. The architects also manage to integrate the steel railing elegantly into the overall concept, so that the railing, which only serves as protection, is given an aesthetic weighting. The result is a modern mix of steel, wooden floor and puristic concrete wall, which is accentuated even more by the warm lighting concept.

5. Domestic oasis

 Pool von grupoarquitectura

This terrace is a very special trick, because it not only opens out into the open, but also through glass walls and doors into the house. So you can enjoy the view almost undisturbed even when the windows are closed. The roof construction above the actual terrace is a steel construction. This is grid-shaped and offers only partial sun and rain protection, but also allows more open-air feeling on the terrace.

6. Lots of space to enjoy

 Pool von grupoarquitectura

With a lot of space on your terrace you can conjure up something so great! The wooden plates serve as a floor and set the pool in scene. Three deck chairs are inclined to the south in order to have the best possible position for sunbathing. Directly behind there is a metal construction, which ideally you can’t even see.

It also acts as a lattice fence to protect from the neighbours. But it provides even more privacy when you get the hobby gardener out and let him grow vines.

7. Cosy with a hint of vintage

 Pool von grupoarquitectura

This terrace is dominated by an oriental vintage flair that will amaze any landscape architect. If the large hinged doors swing open towards the terrace, one stands directly under the elegant and filigree steel construction. It is visually reminiscent of a leaf and blends organically into its environment. Glazing in the roof ensures that you stay dry when you sit with your feet in the sand at the table.